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Maybe you’ve been neglecting yourself, caught up in caring for others, ensnared in the belief that there are curves or stretch marks on your body that need to be shrunken, smoothed over, or hidden away. 

Maybe you’re in love with your laugh lines, rolls, and wrinkles, and want to immortalize every inch. 

Either way, this is your invitation, an invitation to a world where you can shed your layers—your titles, your doubts, your clothes—and worship the woman within who pulses with the desire to be raw, carnal, and released. 

You’ve been a lover. A mother. A friend. A giver. The time has come to do something just for you. 

“Everybody knows when lightning strikes the earth a woman is formed.”


body through boudoir


 I am woman in her most deliciously spellbinding     paradox: dangerously soft,                  sublime.

 I am woman in her most deliciously spellbinding paradox: dangerously soft,                  sublime.

atlanta's  #1 luxury sensual boudoir experience


Boudoir photography
is about setting
yourself free.
It's about...

Honoring every ripple, freckle, and stretch mark.
Losing yourself in your sensual, sexy, feminine side that lusts for being felt and seen.
And showing off your goddamn beauty 

In the soft glow of the boudoir photography studio light—where the rest of the world falls away—you’ll find the freedom to write a love letter to your body that is forever yours to keep. 



Before & Afters

Feeling free from all the doubts you have about yourself and your body.

Being inspired and refreshed by your own confidence.

A day where you get to completely express the sultry side of you without shame or embarrassment.

Heyyyyy, I’m Maria, But You Can Call Me Ria.

I’m your boudoir photographer, your sensual alchemist, and the biggest supporter of your show-off-your-body dreams. And the second you step through the studio doors, I’m going to take your bags, hype you up, and have you laughing.

(½ sex kitten, 1/2 silly. That’s me.)

From picking your lingerie before the shoot to helping you pose on the day of, I’ll be right there with you throughout this wholeee experience; talking to you about why you wanted to do this and crawling around on the bed, floor, and couch showing you how to pose from your hair follicles to your toes. For real. 

Because my goal will always be to make you feel wined, dined, fine as hell, and at ease. 

With this Boudoir Photography Experience…

You don’t need to know how to pose…

Or lose any weight to look hot as hell. 

And whether you already know you’re a bombshell, are struggling to see your beauty, or are looking to connect with your partner in front of the camera…

The only thing I need is for you to be open and to trust me. From there, the magic will flow.





Sensual  Magic

Sexual Rebel

Feminine Freedom

Embrace Your Inner

“I saw a different woman in those photos that I had never seen before EVER. She looks like a vixen. She is fierce and sexy. SHE is ME.”

I had been wanting to do a shoot for years, but kept wanting to wait until I had my weight under control before I took the plunge. [But] I wasn’t getting any younger and didn’t want to have any regrets. I was in my head during certain parts of the shoot, but once I saw those pics… shiiiiiiiid. You couldn’t tell me nothing. 

I had forgotten how FIIIINE I was, even with the little extra weight. I AM beautiful and I realized that I am that girl. I decided that I can’t let those insecurities take over my mind. I saw a different woman in those photos that I had never seen before EVER. She looks like a vixen, like the women I have seen so many times and questioned how they could be so confident. 

She is fierce and sexy. SHE is ME.

– Miss T

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“This experience has opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t need to feel ashamed of my body. I know I look amazing and no one can convince me otherwise. 

My body is amazing and I feel like a bombshell!”

My boudoir experience with Ria was so much more than I expected. From the pampering I received when I first entered the studio to the actual modeling, the experience was so liberation.

I was nervous initially but Ria is so outgoing and her energy just brings out the photo Goddess in you. She drew me into the experience and her attention to the little details and facial expressions made my photos come to life. 

This has given me such a boost in confidence. My body is amazing and I feel like a bombshell. [To other women] for once, just treat yourself. Bask in all the beauty that is YOU!

– Miss A

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“Every woman deserves to feel the way I felt. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see myself in a whole new light.”

Once I turned 35 something happened, and I decided that I wanted to do something way outside of my box. I wanted to do something that made me feel special...but then I got pregnant before I could follow through. So now I'm here 1 month before I'm 40 years old and it was no better time than now to embrace myself as a grown ass woman.

I had sooooo many fears before my sessions and had NEVER done anything remotely similar to this. But it was really a beautiful experience. 

It’s liberation, it’s enjoying your femininity, it’s owning your womanhood and capturing it in photos. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see myself in a whole new light. Even after 17 years of marriage and 3 children, I can still be seen as sexy and beautiful 

– Miss n

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Say yes to boudoir photography and discover the magic that happens when art, love, and self-expression intertwine and set you free.