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A safe space for women and couples to strip away their inhibitions and feel f*cking free. 


We loooove that you’re here, stalking this page, because that means you’re toying with the idea of treating yourself to a boujee experience that has you feeling yourself and smoldering with sensuality.

And at Boudoir by Ria, my glam squad and I live for helping women love themselves and their bodies one boudoir photoshoot at a time.

Welcome to        Atlanta Boudoir Photography Studio, Love 


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“Best hype women in the world. Seriously.

Everyone I came in contact with from scheduling to makeup to the actual boudoir photographer (which, once meeting you, it felt like, oh, we homegirls now) was so professional, personal, and made me feel so comfortable. 

My confidence skyrocketed. The nervous feelings left. And I want every woman to experience it and get as uplifted as I did!!”

-Miss D

Hi Gorgeous, I’m Ria

Professional Luxury Boudoir Photographer & Self-love Enthusiast

Photography has always been the center of my life, but from the minute that my first-ever boudoir shoot started, I fell in love.

Not just with the photography, but with the experience of witnessing women bare themselves to the camera, completely vulnerable, letting themselves be seen. 

And despite their backgrounds, their hesitations, their insecurities—they would come out the other side of the experience glowing with self-love and dripping with sensuality. 

While I love the photos I take, the experience women have when they choose themselves and get to see their beauty—that matters more than the art to me.

But don’t let all this serious talk fool you because when it comes to the experience? It ain’t stuffy.

The All-Female Boudoir Studio Glam Queens

And that’s because I’m absolutely a mix of Solange and Cardi B.

I’ll say things like “your body is a masterpiece,” but to get those shots that are dripping with sensuality, I’m going to be twerking, goofing around, and yelling out “GIRL. YOU LOOK SO GOOD.”

Champagne. Girlfriends. And you, feeling your damn self and getting the best photos of you you’ve ever damn seen. That’s the Boudoir by Ria experience.











This girl’s got a gift for glamming you up while making sure you still look like you. Maybe it’s the decade of experience, the pro lessons, or the time spent working on commercials and editorial campaigns… No matter what she’s got that skill that brings out your natural beauty.

UGG boots. Headwraps. And one big-ass personality. That’s Aliz. And damn, can she DO some hair—she’s an artist. As a Master Cosmetologist, she’ll treat you right and make you look damn good.

A beauty boss with over 8 years of experience who is bomb on hair and knows what she’s doing. She’s a licensed cosmetologist with a booming freelance business. And not one person has ever asked her to change a thing. 

A DIY queen. Seriously. This girl can figure out anything. (She even did her whole damn wedding by herself.) And when it comes to hair and makeup? She doesn’t stop until you’ve got a look that will leave you drooling over your fine-as-hell self.

We call her the “Quiet Storm” because while she tends to keep to herself, she’ll be whipping some sh*t up. And that checks out because she’s a Master Cosmetologist with 10+ of stylist experience and the owner of her own hair salon right here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Boudoir by Ria exists for freedom…

The freedom to strip down and explore your inner femininity in a safe space

The freedom to lose yourself in a luxury experience that’s just for you 

The freedom to reclaim who you are to yourself; not just to others

The freedom to show off your raw, carnal beauty without shame





You hear that voice inside of you, the one telling you it’s time to step in front of the camera, tell your tale of liberation, and remember who the f*ck you are.

You hear that voice inside of you, the one telling you it’s time to step in front of the camera, tell your tale of liberation, and remember who the f*ck you are.