Bold and Unapologetic 

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Over 40

 this is for the woman in her 40S, 50s, 60s, and beyond

....Unapologetic confidence is the ultimate seduction....

There comes a point in every woman's life where she finds herself letting go of pieces of herself. It happens slowly, almost unnoticed. She pushes aside her own needs and desires to take care of her family, to please her partner, to meet the expectations of her job and society. Self-care becomes a guilty pleasure, something she allows herself to indulge in only when she has a spare moment. But as she approaches 40, something shifts within her.

She starts to see the self-limiting beliefs that have held her back, and one by one, she begins to let them go. She remembers that life is short and she wants to live it on her own terms. She pulls out her old journals, leafing through the pages filled with her hopes and dreams, and takes out her bucket list. She sees the woman she wants to be... and makes a decision to become her.

The first step she takes is to order that outfit she had always told herself she could never wear. It was a little daring, a little risky, but it felt right. As she slips it on, she feels a sense of empowerment wash over her. It's just the beginning of a journey to reclaiming herself...
and it's a journey she's ready to take.

The Over 40 Campaign is designed to be a milestone on your journey of                   



*Wardrobe Consult*
After booking, we’ll set up a time so I can help you go through your wardrobe via video conference. I’ll guide you on where to shop based on your preferences and what to look out for so you can pick outfits that will make you look and feel nothing short of jaw-dropping, triple-take-worthy stunning.

*Professional Hair & Makeup And 90 Minute Photoshoot*
Our professional all-female team will pamper you with hair and makeup on the morning of the photoshoot. They have a magical way of enhancing your naturally beautiful features. After you’re glammed up — and possibly after a glass of wine — we will start the session. Throughout the entire process, I’ll be there to help you pose from head-to-toe.

*Same Day Reveal & Ordering Session*
What makes our services stand out is our ability to offer same-day viewing and ordering. What you buy is completely up to you!

*Complimentary Copy of Over 40 Magazine*
At the end of the campaign, I’ll select some of your beautiful  portraits to be included with your story in our Over 40 magazine which will be distributed to all the participants and collaborators in the project at our party in October.


Wardrobe Consult


Hair & Makeup


1 Hour Photo Shoot


Same Day Reveal &Odering


Inclusion In 40 Over 40 Magazine


Investment $400 (non-refundable)
is required to reserve your date

Regular retainer price $600

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