Over the past few years, bridal boudoir photoshoots have started gaining some well-deserved momentum. The question is: Should you get on board with bridal boudoir? While the concept might seem unconventional to some, there are some really compelling reasons why more brides are embracing this empowering trend.  In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need […]

5 Reasons You Need a Bridal Boudoir Photoshoot | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir is an electrifying experience that channels your remarkable sensuality and produces incredible portraits that you will cherish for your lifetime. Looking amazing is important, but feeling like the goddess you are is what boudoir is really about. When you feel your absolute best, your aura of empowerment shines through and provides for stunning photos. […]

Why You Should Have Professional Hair and Makeup for a Boudoir Session | Atlanta Boudoir

Maternity boudoir is a must-have experience for moms-to-be. It’s an opportunity for you to claim this special time in your life; a moment to capture the evolution between this beautiful chapter and the next. But if you’ve never had a maternity boudoir session before, you might be wondering what it’s all about and if it’s […]

The Essential Guide to Planning Your Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot

You are NEVER too old for a boudoir session. Never. No matter what mainstream patriarchal nonsense is echoing in your mind, there is no expiration date for what is sensual and sultry. Womxnhood, like top-shelf whiskeys and elegant wines, reveals nuanced complexity with time. The more mature the womxn, the more delightful the growth.  It […]

You’re Never Too Old for Boudoir | Atlanta Boudoir

There is much to be said about the people you choose to surround yourself with. Your community is incredibly important, and should not be overlooked. If those around you act with self-love and courage, it becomes easier for you to blossom. As we flourish and grow, we must encourage other womxn to do the same. […]

We Must Encourage One Another | Atlanta Boudoir

One of the most exciting decisions you get to make as a boudoir client is: What versions of your sexiness will you be highlighting in our studio? We know choosing just one look is impossible, so during your session you will have time to wear three outfits. As you’re selecting what you want to wear […]

Best Accessories for Your Boudoir Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

Let’s be real. Being confident in ourselves can be super tough. Feeling good in a cute outfit is one thing, but feeling confident in our bare skin? That’s way harder. But even though truly loving our body can seem unachievable, it is a learned love that everyone benefits from. We must push away all of […]

4 Tips to Feel Confident Naked | Atlanta Boudoir

Every year I do a photography project highlighting the beauty of aging. One of my biggest pet peeves is that society makes us feel that once we hit a certain age, our sexiness vanishes. My Over 40 campaign highlights incredible women over the age of 40, and every year they bring the fire. Our latest […]

Life is Too Short for Waiting | Atlanta Boudoir

When the big day for your boudoir session finally comes, my excitement levels shoot through the roof. I get giddy knowing how the boudoir experience is about to change my client’s perspective of herself. Hearing how incredible the portraits turn out is music to my ears. Although I give top-quality service to my clients, sadly […]

6 Mistakes Boudoir Clients Make | Atlanta Boudoir

There’s no “best” time to get a boudoir shoot. My clients are in all different stages of their self-love journey when they walk into my studio. For the ladies who are on that journey while bringing life into the world, a maternity boudoir session is an extra special way to celebrate your body.  What is […]

Boudoir for Mommy: Maternity Session | Atlanta Boudoir

Because she exudes confidence and is unapologetically in love with herself. And nothing can get in her way.

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