Let’s say you’re going to do it! Let’s say you’re finally going to book that boudoir session that you’ve always wanted. Now the question at hand is, who are you going to book with? As you are researching the best boudoir photographer for you, there are a ton of considerations. (Make sure to read my […]

Why you Should Consider Black and White Boudoir Portraits | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir is an electrifying experience that channels your remarkable sensuality and produces incredible portraits that you will cherish for your lifetime. Looking amazing is important, but feeling like the goddess you are is what boudoir is really about. When you feel your absolute best, your aura of empowerment shines through and provides for stunning photos. […]

Why You Should Have Professional Hair and Makeup for a Boudoir Session | Atlanta Boudoir

There’s no “best” time to get a boudoir shoot. My clients are in all different stages of their self-love journey when they walk into my studio. For the ladies who are on that journey while bringing life into the world, a maternity boudoir session is an extra special way to celebrate your body.  What is […]

Boudoir for Mommy: Maternity Session | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir is a beautiful celebration of self-love, and most of that journey is about you. Loving yourself for you is a mind-shift change that unlocks the doors of joy and self-expression. As you reclaim your divinity, a couples boudoir session is a beautiful thing that brings you and your partner closer than ever. Our luxury […]

Boudoir for Two: Couples Session | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir by Ria’s Lingerie Boutique is an inviting, safe space for you as you rediscover your inner goddess. It sucks to say, but the lingerie journey can be rocky. So many “typical” offerings aren’t flattering for different body sizes. And most of those that come in larger sizes are just. not. cute. It broke my […]

The Lingerie Boutique: Hand Selected for You | Atlanta Boudoir

This guest post was written by Ria’s Assistant, Allie If you know anything about Ria Rouse, the boudoir photographer and creative director of Ria Rouse photography, then you know she’s always doing something. This week, I was able to snag her and ask her a few questions about her life and how she manages to […]

Studio Tea: Get to know Ria Rouse | Atlanta Boudoir

Aging is a beautiful thing. I know, I know- we’re supposed to hate it. We’re pressured to be ashamed of the crow’s feet and laugh lines, the grey hairs, wrinkles, and all the other signs of aging, but I reject all of that. I will not be distilled to just my physical features, and neither […]

40 over 40 Campaign 2022 | Atlanta Boudoir

We made it, babes! The new year is officially here, and I’m so excited to see what 2022 has in store for me!! But you know what I’m not doing? Making resolutions. No, I’m probably not going to go to the gym more than I did last year. I’m also probably not going to eat […]

New Year, New Self-Love | Atlanta Boudoir

At Boudoir by Ria, we pull out all the stops. Why? Because you are an incredible embodiment of femininity and power, and we want to honor that. We have crafted a luxury, self-love journey that will have you feeling revived and reconnected with the badass babe you are (and always have been). For your boudoir […]

How to Pay for your Boudoir Experience | Atlanta Boudoir

We might not know each other yet, but I already know you’re an electrifyingly confident, triple-take-worthy beauty and badass queen. You are worthy of being celebrated for being exactly who you are, for all the accomplishments and struggles you’ve faced have shaped you into the amazing woman you are today. Undeniable sensuality, effortless empowerment, powerful […]

Your Inner Goddess | Atlanta Boudoir

Because she exudes confidence and is unapologetically in love with herself. And nothing can get in her way.

Let’s capture your inner goddess