Boudoir is empowering and transformative in too many ways to count. When you finish your session you’ll never be the same. I know you might feel a little apprehensive leading up to your shoot, and that’s totally normal! After all, you are planning to be vulnerable in front of the camera. No matter how strange […]

5 Tips to Feel Confident On Shoot Day | Atlanta Boudoir

Meeting milestones deserve a celebration! Seems obvious, right? But I know so many women who continue on with the grind and don’t take time to honor themselves when they accomplish their goals. We as womxn are not always taught to applaud our own hard work. It is totally appropriate to be in the spotlight- you […]

Take that Leap and Bet on Yourself | Atlanta Boudoir

When it comes to your boudoir session, you are on full display. Each woman’s vulnerability and fierceness are entirely unique to them, so no two shoots are the same. There are a million different directions you can go with a boudoir shoot, and one of my favorite parts of my studio process is helping you […]

Where to find Inspiration for your Boudoir Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

I’m a lucky woman. I don’t mean that success has come easily to me, or that I always get a good parking spot. I feel lucky because I get to help phenomenal, everyday womxn in their self-love journey make substantial progress toward balance. So many of us pour everything we have into those around us, […]

I’m Pouring More Love Back into Myself | Atlanta Boudoir

Let’s say you’re going to do it! Let’s say you’re finally going to book that boudoir session that you’ve always wanted. Now the question at hand is, who are you going to book with? As you are researching the best boudoir photographer for you, there are a ton of considerations. (Make sure to read my […]

Why you Should Consider Black and White Boudoir Portraits | Atlanta Boudoir

Sometimes when we enter a new phase in life, we go all in. We consume ourselves with the details of that role and perfectly nail it. And to have a singular passion is beautiful and noble. We as women always fully commit to a profession, family position, community, etc., and are the cornerstone of society. […]

I Want to be More than a Great Mom | Atlanta Boudoir

There is much to be said about the people you choose to surround yourself with. Your community is incredibly important, and should not be overlooked. If those around you act with self-love and courage, it becomes easier for you to blossom. As we flourish and grow, we must encourage other womxn to do the same. […]

We Must Encourage One Another | Atlanta Boudoir

One of the most exciting decisions you get to make as a boudoir client is: What versions of your sexiness will you be highlighting in our studio? We know choosing just one look is impossible, so during your session you will have time to wear three outfits. As you’re selecting what you want to wear […]

Best Accessories for Your Boudoir Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

Every year I do a photography project highlighting the beauty of aging. One of my biggest pet peeves is that society makes us feel that once we hit a certain age, our sexiness vanishes. My Over 40 campaign highlights incredible women over the age of 40, and every year they bring the fire. Our latest […]

Life is Too Short for Waiting | Atlanta Boudoir

When the big day for your boudoir session finally comes, my excitement levels shoot through the roof. I get giddy knowing how the boudoir experience is about to change my client’s perspective of herself. Hearing how incredible the portraits turn out is music to my ears. Although I give top-quality service to my clients, sadly […]

6 Mistakes Boudoir Clients Make | Atlanta Boudoir

Because she exudes confidence and is unapologetically in love with herself. And nothing can get in her way.

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