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If you’re considering a boudoir session, chances are you have gone through all the feelings. Curiosity? Definitely. Most of my clients are just getting into the boudoir world and have a whole bunch of questions for me. Excitement? Check! I hope you feel a fuzzy feeling in your tummy when you think about stepping in […]

It all makes you beautiful | Atlanta Boudoir

This guest post was written by Ria’s Assistant, Allie If you know anything about Ria Rouse, the boudoir photographer and creative director of Ria Rouse photography, then you know she’s always doing something. This week, I was able to snag her and ask her a few questions about her life and how she manages to […]

Studio Tea: Get to know Ria Rouse | Atlanta Boudoir

Sometimes people get it all wrong about boudoir. They see a scantily-clan woman and they jump to a whole lot of conclusions. Nakedness? Implied nakedness? Tsk tsk that must be porn. And let me be clear-I’m not porn-shaming anybody, but boudoir and porn are definitely not the same thing. Let me break it down for […]

No, Boudoir is Not Porn | Atlanta Boudoir

Sometimes when I’m talking to women who are thinking about doing a session, they’re hesitant because they feel like they don’t have a good reason to. Maybe they don’t have a birthday coming up or maybe they don’t have a partner, but boudoir isn’t about the external factors in your life. It’s all about YOU. […]

Do it for yourself, not someone else | Atlanta Boudoir

Aging is a beautiful thing. I know, I know- we’re supposed to hate it. We’re pressured to be ashamed of the crow’s feet and laugh lines, the grey hairs, wrinkles, and all the other signs of aging, but I reject all of that. I will not be distilled to just my physical features, and neither […]

40 over 40 Campaign 2022 | Atlanta Boudoir

Confidence is not something we’re born with; it’s developed. It’s learned. And believe me, I know the self-love journey can be hard. As we are learning to love every curve and very blemish, it’s tempting to revert back to the old ways of thinking… that you’re not enough. But honey, persist and ignore those nay-sayers. […]

Top 10 Confidence Affirmations | Atlanta Boudoir

We made it, babes! The new year is officially here, and I’m so excited to see what 2022 has in store for me!! But you know what I’m not doing? Making resolutions. No, I’m probably not going to go to the gym more than I did last year. I’m also probably not going to eat […]

New Year, New Self-Love | Atlanta Boudoir

I know it might sound cliche, but when people ask me who boudoir is for, the answer truly is everyone. We all have our own journey and many of us lose connection with our inner goddess. From the overworked professional to the stretched-thin mom, sometimes to genuinely recenter we need to be vulnerable. Read Miss […]

My Confidence Sky-Rocketed | Atlanta Boudoir

Our intimate portraits are not your typical feature, but honey, they are centerpieces. If you are wondering how to display your photos, there really isn’t a wrong answer. But there are a whole lot of choices. Estate Art If you are interested in displaying an image in your house, do not be afraid to think […]

How to Display your Intimate Photos | Atlanta Boudoir

It seemed like it took forever, but the day has finally arrived. You booked your date months ago, your prepayment plan is officially complete (and you have chosen one of our fabulous bonuses), and it’s the morning of your shoot. This is your dream session, and it’s going to be life-changing. And to ensure it’s […]

Preparing on the Morning of Your Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

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