Boudoir is empowering and transformative in too many ways to count. When you finish your session you’ll never be the same. I know you might feel a little apprehensive leading up to your shoot, and that’s totally normal! After all, you are planning to be vulnerable in front of the camera. No matter how strange […]

5 Tips to Feel Confident On Shoot Day | Atlanta Boudoir

One of the most exciting decisions you get to make as a boudoir client is: What versions of your sexiness will you be highlighting in our studio? We know choosing just one look is impossible, so during your session you will have time to wear three outfits. As you’re selecting what you want to wear […]

Best Accessories for Your Boudoir Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

Let’s be real. Being confident in ourselves can be super tough. Feeling good in a cute outfit is one thing, but feeling confident in our bare skin? That’s way harder. But even though truly loving our body can seem unachievable, it is a learned love that everyone benefits from. We must push away all of […]

4 Tips to Feel Confident Naked | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir photography is a genre of photography that captures sensual, intimate, and personal moments. While it may seem like a form of art that is purely focused on pretty pictures, a boudoir shoot can also have therapeutic benefits, particularly for those who have experienced trauma in their lives. Trauma can take many forms, including physical, […]

How Boudoir Can Help Overcome Trauma | Atlanta Boudoir

Feeling butterflies in your stomach when you think about doing a boudoir shoot? You are not alone! It’s totally ok to feel the jitters. Boudoir is an intimate experience, and this might be your first time doing something like this. Plus, being vulnerable with a photographer who is practically a stranger can be hard, so […]

4 Ways to Overcome Your Pre-Boudoir Nerves | Atlanta Boudoir

There are a million reasons to do boudoir. I mean, who doesn’t want to frame yourself in a new light? Seeing yourself in all of your glory fundamentally changes the way you take on life, and you will never be the same. Over the years, I have talked to hundreds of women and sadly there […]

5 Common Excuses to not do Boudoir Myth-Busted | Atlanta Boudoir

Confidence is not something we’re born with; it’s developed. It’s learned. And believe me, I know the self-love journey can be hard. As we are learning to love every curve and very blemish, it’s tempting to revert back to the old ways of thinking… that you’re not enough. But honey, persist and ignore those nay-sayers. […]

Top 10 Confidence Affirmations | Atlanta Boudoir

It seemed like it took forever, but the day has finally arrived. You booked your date months ago, your prepayment plan is officially complete (and you have chosen one of our fabulous bonuses), and it’s the morning of your shoot. This is your dream session, and it’s going to be life-changing. And to ensure it’s […]

Preparing on the Morning of Your Shoot | Atlanta Boudoir

One of the most common questions our studio gets is, “I’m ready to do my session but have no idea what to wear! Help!” And I totally get it- deciding what to wear can be hard! Sometimes it’s even difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry- I got you! I have a one-on-one […]

What to Wear That’s Not Lingerie | Atlanta Boudoir

Boudoir is self-love, and you absolutely deserve boudoir. But you don’t just deserve sexy photos, you deserve a comfortable and transformative experience. You deserve the right photographer for YOU. As you research and choose what boudoir photographer is best for you, here are a few notes on what to look for to ensure you get […]

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer | Atlanta Boudoir

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